This year's Scholarships Winners at the Burley Presbyterian Church


Study Hard...God Bless You!

Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients: Varik Shockey, Mazie Moser, Mason & Madison Wittman and Simon Shockey.

On June 20, 2018 Kathy Poulton presented Varik & Simon Shockey with the Burley Education Scholarship. Mazie Moser was presented with the Wilma Johnson Scholarship, sponsored by The Presbyterian Women. And Mason & Madison Wittman received the McCaslin Youth Scholarship. Mason and Madison graduated from Burley High in 2017 and are attending CSI in Twin Falls. Madison is pursuing an education degree and Mason is majoring in Music. Mazie Moser is a graduate of U of Idaho in 2018. She is pursuing her MA Degree at Corben University in Salem Oregon. Her Major is in Crisis Counseling.

Congratulations again Varik, Mazie, Mason, Madison and Simon, and best of luck in all your future endeavors!